Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wait No More O Princess

Never mind, o lover-
O the one who waits;
The ferry is half way through-
Even the boatman needs to rest.
She waits for a prince,
Who would sail across;
A storm is razing-
And the end is always too far.

So many did try,
None were so worthy;
Or is it not about a Prince-
Its about her being finicky.

She is aware of the one,
The true worthy;
But her lust for a better one-
Is what kept her aloof.

Someday, he will be tired,
Tired of waiting for so long;
He will fly away with the West Wind-
And he won't even look back,
 not even once.

There will be a new beginning,
But not for the Princess;
She will be sitting, waiting-
Waiting for someone.

When she would miss him,
He will be long gone;
When her heart will melt-
His will have place for none.

She will weep for him,
And he will make merry;
She will bear the burden of life-
But he will live happily ever after.

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