Wednesday, October 2, 2013

15th  Oct, 2012

The poetic strings,
And all the wonderful things;
The night so young-
And the song that is never sung.
The group of Eight Crazy Friends,
A funny night, all prayed, never ends;
A Hangout with Hangover,
A Sleepless night and a Sleepover.
The Eight received the "Blender's Pride",
They exchanged their "Signature";
The smoke that rose, not from all-
Ended with a pre dawn stroll.
It was the "Beatles" to start the night,
"AcDc" was the one to follow;
When "Pink Floyd" reached the crazy ears-
The friends forgot their troubles and sorrow.
It was a night never foretold,
It was a night never alike;
Summer or winter, hot or cold-
Nothing can challenge the wet ride on the bike.
Oh! And that was the day,
It was our beloved Abhikshit's Birthday;
Hope I didn't miss a single Minority report-
Everybody whoever sees this, but I am sorry to say;
You won't feel the same way-

How they felt, "THE CRAZY EIGHT".

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