Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dark and Darker

Dark is the thought,
Darker is the imagination;
Crazy is what we do-
Crazier is the retribution.

Lonely is the heart,
Lonelier is the soul;
Stupid is our decision-
Stupider is the parole.

Hard is the knowledge,
Harder is the understanding;
Belief is the savior-
Believer is the daring.

Lovely is the nature,
Lovelier is its creation;
Pretty is Love-
Prettier is the determination.

Costly is the materialistic world,
Costlier is the desire;
Clumsy is the outlook-
Clumsier is the behavior.

Near is the beautiful day,
Nearer is the end;
Sharp is destiny, but
Sharper is the bend.

Strong is the weak, and
Stronger is his will;
Smooth is his goal, but
Smoother is his skill.

Someday the weak will win,
And other days he will learn;
Beauty is in thoughts, not in looks
Only he can discern.

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