Saturday, October 12, 2013

Time, is it?

A window,
Sitting alone;
What is real?
What is fake?
Is it only 'for sake'?
Or is it just a dream.
Am I the only deserted?
Everything is colorful.
I am black.
Surrounding dark.
No silver lining.
Heaven's hell.
Truths are lies.
Good is evil.
Words are sarcastic.
Crush is crushed.
Cursed is the time.
Universe is smoky.
Abandoned is the soul.
Abstract is the moment.
Thoughts are impregnable.
A piece of laughter.
Kind hearts, broken.
Solemn oaths smashed.
Friends on the brink.
Were they really?
Or was I asleep?
Time, is it?
Change is must.
Mistakes- unforgivable.
Unnoticed is the reality.
Unannounced is trust.
Unforgettable memories.
Unforgivable aesthetics.
What to do?
Just enjoy the show.
A tragedy.
Unwanted despise.
Silly! Silly! Silly!
Moments pass by.
So do I.
So do I.

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