Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hey you!
I see you everyday;
In reality-
And in my dreams.
You are a naturalist,
And a part of my fantasy;
You are aesthetic-
And a reason for my ecstasy.
Day and night,
Dusk and dawn;
I dream of you-
And you are my Mute Swan.
But you never care,
Nor do you worry;
Have you some time to spare?
Ooops! I am sorry.
I am courageous,
But you make me a coward;
Watching you pass by everyday-
Makes me bewildered.
Once a while
You smile at me,
You throw me a "Hi"-
And I reply with glee.
Nature has its way,
God has his will;
Rainy eve and she was there
Sitting alone, feeling the chill.
I approached her,
She was startled;
Then she recognized-
And then she stumbled.
I caught her,
Held her in my arms;
She was half drenched-
And I was mesmerized by her charm.
We walked together,
Under my umbrella blue;
I kept my arm over her-
The sudden warmth acted as the glue.
That day,
Changed my life;
Though we are only friends-
But someday soon she'll be my wife.
But I could never tell her,
The magical three words;
Hey! I love you!
Oh you, who is made of stardust.

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