Monday, October 14, 2013

Déjà vu or reality

When I first saw her,
She was smiling
Under the tree
In the shaded yellow street light.
Her face was camouflaged,
Her beauty was shadowed;
Her hair flowed down her shoulder-
Her eyes made me wonder.
I wondered till I next met her,
Was she real or my imagination.
A déjà vu of my dreams-
Or was she my invention.
But all of it was real,
As was she.
But I was in my dreams,
And I never made my plea.
I dared the world,
So did she;
I did like her,
But her, I could never infer.
Regularly did we meet,
Memories were made;
I lived in my dreams-
And she still lived in shade.
People tried to buy her,
I tried to borrow;
They used money and
I used sorrow.
In the end,
Everybody wants the same.
It is my mistake,
I didn't clear my stake.
My intentions are pure,
So is hers;
Purity rarely wins-
Good and evil are twins.
I could never approach,
Never will she;
Fear of losing her
Puts me in a back gear.
She did influence me,
So did a lot many;
But this time it was for real-
But who did ever know.
Pats in the back,
Splashes of water;
Quite a quarrel-
A bike ride and a flower.
"Do you trust me?"
And the dinner is served;
Half of this and half of that-
And I am always glad.
Frequent long walks,
Once a while an outing;
A messy day or two-
A lot of meaningless shouting.
Days passed by,
Months did follow;
No one did notice-
The true sacrifice.
Love or hate,
Nothing's on my fate;
Truth or lie-
Feelings never die.
What dies is the friendship,
What lives is ego;
If we ever fall in love,
I promise I will never let you go.

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