Sunday, January 28, 2018


HALLOWEEN     r wallpaper

Under the dark blue sky, she lay
Draped in white, eyes open
She seemed at peace, Or was she?
Who knows but the crickets,
Frogs, owls and the bats-
And the creatures lingering in the dark,
Prey, was she?
Who knows but the stars, the moon-
Was it time, or was it too soon?
She was being watched, by who?
Who, but the night.
Her essence was everywhere,
Everyone knew, but no one did.
Her silence said it all, but did it?
Was anybody listening, who?
Who but the wind.
The murmurs of the leaves drowning her heartbeat,
But was there one?
Who knows, but herself and the creatures crawling by.
Who noticed the grave but her,
White tomb-stones and Coffin ajar;
In it she lay, or was she not?
A Thousand years left to rot.
Those who pray, stays away-
Or do they not?
Was it an eerie aura of death,
Or a forgotten dream to survive-
Under the dark blue sky, she lay,
                                       Dead and Alive.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What is tradition?
Loud music, shopping, gifts, food
Or is it something more,
Something that we have all forgotten of.
Things that we can do every day-
Every weekend and every holiday,
IS not the meaning of tradition.
But it is an illusion;
Our busy lives are now busier,
Clumsier, boring and noisier.
We think we are happy and enjoying,
But at the end its just annoying.
What we miss and don't say,
Family is the word, per se;
The electronic joy has swept our lives,
We rarely get out of our lonely hives.
A timely call and a lot of Facebook post,
We brag, we show off, we do boast.
Every expectation that we break,
Every promise that keeps us awake;
Makes me wonder, makes me feel-
What is missing in this world so real;
What is the best gift that makes everything rhyme,
Is it money, clothes, toys or is it just Time!
Days pass by, months do follow,
Years have clouded our grief and sorrow.
Something is missing in all of our lives,
Is it failure, success or the vibes.
But when I look back, What I see
Love is what they want from me;
But, there is a better gift of all, yes Better-
It is some Family time, spent all together.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017




   Was I again too late?

A cold breeze rattles my bone,
I look up and see-
Dark cloudy night but a light shines alone-
And a girl sitting under the tree.

I pinch my arm,
Rub my eyes;
She seems calm-
Or haunting lies.

Is she her?
The one who left.
Shadow of a star
Or the horrors bereft.

Love is a myth,
Or is it time?
It’s getting harder to breathe-
A storm reaching it’s prime.

I climb down in haste,
Opening the door, I see;
White everywhere-
But there in the distance, the light and she!

I shout and call,
But unperturbed is she;
I run towards her, a cannon ball
Slowed by snow, up till my knee.

I reach her in no time,
Whoosh! Greets the tree.
I hold her tight, not a crime-
Ice cold, shivering, pale barely clutching me.

My arms burn,
I collapse under her weight;
A cold breeze rattles my bone, I turn-
Was I again too late?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

         Electric Loneliness

Love that bellows in the hearts of a boy and a girl,
The selfless feelings of being together-
Walking hand in hand,
Pangs of getting caught;
Becomes so selfish when we grow up.
Black and white,
Beauty and pride;
Every relationship dwells in a mystery.
Those days of blind dates,
Love at first sight in a coffee bar,
Now or never situation;
Should I approach or not?
Stalking her to find her home,
Trying to find a point of contact.
Has all come down to facebook.
Now in a coffee shop, I see
People busy on virtual network,
Sms and social networking;
A friend request and two options-
Accept or reject!
Relationship status changed when they have hardly met,
It rarely lasts I bet.
Memories are all we clutch on-
Memories are never made virtually.
The power of a touch and the warmth of a hug
Has changed into a click and a like
The smell of roses are no more
Nor is there the essence of a nice perfume.
What is left are fake promises,
Troubled sleep and an eternal electric loneliness.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Girl with the Ballerina Tattoo

I never really met her,
Though I have been with her once or twice;
Sometimes stunning, sometimes badass-
And sometimes really nice.

Hip hop here,
And rapping there-
Lonely, she is never;
Hold your breadth,
She's upset-
But she's goddamn clever.

Lost in her thoughts,
With bitter pain in her heart;
She broke many barriers-
She is really smart, world's apart.

Head held high,
Lively with bliss-
Waiting for her Waking Kiss;
Friends forever,
A mind in peace-
A girl with no broken promise.

When somebody asks me about her,
I look up, stare and say, "Its true
She's my friend and I am proud to say
She's the girl,
               The Girl with the Ballerina Tattoo.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


            The Cupcake Lady
I was standing in the food court of our fest,
Hungry, tired after moving with the beats for quite some time.
Eyes hovering over all the Mughlai, Chinese, Pizza and Ice Cream stalls-
But then my gaze stopped on a corner,
Two beauties standing side by side,
One chocolate and the other strawberry delight;
One cooking and the other marking the price,
I was stunned, couldn't move my eyes.
Slow strides, confusion at its best,
Left to luck, all the rest;
"Are you the one who bake?
And may I have one of your beautiful Chocolate Cupcake?"
"They are home baked and one won't suffice."
Two amazing Girls on the rise.
One bite, two bite and three-
I was shaken to my knee.
Wow! The molten chocolate and the soft cake,
I devoured it without a break.
I looked up and she smiled,
"Wonderful! One more if you don't mind!"
I ate two, three, four-
It was about time to close the door;
What can be better than a tasty cupcake
Served by a beautiful lady,
Your whole world is at stake-
And you seem to be determined and steady.
Four, five, six rounds of applause
Until it seemed clich├ęd and gross.
I am still dreaming now, like I was then,
I was never and never will be ready-
Because this is one of those rare moments, When
I was actually blown away by the Cupcake Lady.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


It's that feeling,
When you are losing;
But still clutching on
The railings of a wrecking boat.
Waiting. A little bit of prayer,
And expecting some luck;
A miracle to happen,
But with an empty heart.
Your eyes goes dizzy,
Hands go limp;
Still holding on to prove a point!
This time, for no one but yourself.
You can hear the distant cries,
Men and women, weak and strong,
Crying out for help, drowning
But you feel helpless
And fight your conscience.
Because you know,
The moment you let go
You sacrifice yourself for nothing,
They are beyond saving.
But you wish you could.
You know you will soon join them,
But maybe not today;
The double mind is killing you-
But you still manage to hold on.
Suddenly! you notice
That you are crying out for help too;
Petty swimming is of no help-
You are beyond saving.
Big waves drown you now and then,
You managed to float this long;
Eyes paining, filled with salt-
Surviving! That's a distant dream.
And suddenly you sit up,
All sweaty and afraid;
Drink a lot of water, and wonder
What a pity, you never really lived your life.