Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MY LOVE- Just Emotions on the Edge

         My Love

Whenever i close my eyes,
A drop of tear slides down my cheeks;
And there comes out some sighs-
The reason, because the darkness speaks.

I proposed a girl,
The girl whom i cherished;
She was beautiful, in a stroll-
When i last met her, all my dreams were perished.

She said,"I am not the right person ,
For you my dear!"
I never understood the reason-
why i am still mad on her.

Still now I have some words with her,
I was the first to wish on her Birthday;
But still now I fear-
fear to once again say.

I love her from deep within my heart,
Love is a word of flatter now;
I want to tear my heart apart-
and show her her name, and-
and offer her my last Bow......

1 comment:

  1. although i'm not good with poems and rythms.. but still i feel tht u need to improve ur skills of choosing the the right words..