Sunday, November 30, 2014


It's that feeling,
When you are losing;
But still clutching on
The railings of a wrecking boat.
Waiting. A little bit of prayer,
And expecting some luck;
A miracle to happen,
But with an empty heart.
Your eyes goes dizzy,
Hands go limp;
Still holding on to prove a point!
This time, for no one but yourself.
You can hear the distant cries,
Men and women, weak and strong,
Crying out for help, drowning
But you feel helpless
And fight your conscience.
Because you know,
The moment you let go
You sacrifice yourself for nothing,
They are beyond saving.
But you wish you could.
You know you will soon join them,
But maybe not today;
The double mind is killing you-
But you still manage to hold on.
Suddenly! you notice
That you are crying out for help too;
Petty swimming is of no help-
You are beyond saving.
Big waves drown you now and then,
You managed to float this long;
Eyes paining, filled with salt-
Surviving! That's a distant dream.
And suddenly you sit up,
All sweaty and afraid;
Drink a lot of water, and wonder
What a pity, you never really lived your life.

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