Saturday, May 14, 2016


            The Cupcake Lady
I was standing in the food court of our fest,
Hungry, tired after moving with the beats for quite some time.
Eyes hovering over all the Mughlai, Chinese, Pizza and Ice Cream stalls-
But then my gaze stopped on a corner,
Two beauties standing side by side,
One chocolate and the other strawberry delight;
One cooking and the other marking the price,
I was stunned, couldn't move my eyes.
Slow strides, confusion at its best,
Left to luck, all the rest;
"Are you the one who bake?
And may I have one of your beautiful Chocolate Cupcake?"
"They are home baked and one won't suffice."
Two amazing Girls on the rise.
One bite, two bite and three-
I was shaken to my knee.
Wow! The molten chocolate and the soft cake,
I devoured it without a break.
I looked up and she smiled,
"Wonderful! One more if you don't mind!"
I ate two, three, four-
It was about time to close the door;
What can be better than a tasty cupcake
Served by a beautiful lady,
Your whole world is at stake-
And you seem to be determined and steady.
Four, five, six rounds of applause
Until it seemed clichéd and gross.
I am still dreaming now, like I was then,
I was never and never will be ready-
Because this is one of those rare moments, When
I was actually blown away by the Cupcake Lady.

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