Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Girl with the Ballerina Tattoo

I never really met her,
Though I have been with her once or twice;
Sometimes stunning, sometimes badass-
And sometimes really nice.

Hip hop here,
And rapping there-
Lonely, she is never;
Hold your breadth,
She's upset-
But she's goddamn clever.

Lost in her thoughts,
With bitter pain in her heart;
She broke many barriers-
She is really smart, world's apart.

Head held high,
Lively with bliss-
Waiting for her Waking Kiss;
Friends forever,
A mind in peace-
A girl with no broken promise.

When somebody asks me about her,
I look up, stare and say, "Its true
She's my friend and I am proud to say
She's the girl,
               The Girl with the Ballerina Tattoo.

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