Thursday, August 4, 2016

         Electric Loneliness

Love that bellows in the hearts of a boy and a girl,
The selfless feelings of being together-
Walking hand in hand,
Pangs of getting caught;
Becomes so selfish when we grow up.
Black and white,
Beauty and pride;
Every relationship dwells in a mystery.
Those days of blind dates,
Love at first sight in a coffee bar,
Now or never situation;
Should I approach or not?
Stalking her to find her home,
Trying to find a point of contact.
Has all come down to facebook.
Now in a coffee shop, I see
People busy on virtual network,
Sms and social networking;
A friend request and two options-
Accept or reject!
Relationship status changed when they have hardly met,
It rarely lasts I bet.
Memories are all we clutch on-
Memories are never made virtually.
The power of a touch and the warmth of a hug
Has changed into a click and a like
The smell of roses are no more
Nor is there the essence of a nice perfume.
What is left are fake promises,
Troubled sleep and an eternal electric loneliness.

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