Wednesday, March 8, 2017




   Was I again too late?

A cold breeze rattles my bone,
I look up and see-
Dark cloudy night but a light shines alone-
And a girl sitting under the tree.

I pinch my arm,
Rub my eyes;
She seems calm-
Or haunting lies.

Is she her?
The one who left.
Shadow of a star
Or the horrors bereft.

Love is a myth,
Or is it time?
It’s getting harder to breathe-
A storm reaching it’s prime.

I climb down in haste,
Opening the door, I see;
White everywhere-
But there in the distance, the light and she!

I shout and call,
But unperturbed is she;
I run towards her, a cannon ball
Slowed by snow, up till my knee.

I reach her in no time,
Whoosh! Greets the tree.
I hold her tight, not a crime-
Ice cold, shivering, pale barely clutching me.

My arms burn,
I collapse under her weight;
A cold breeze rattles my bone, I turn-
Was I again too late?

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