Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What is tradition?
Loud music, shopping, gifts, food
Or is it something more,
Something that we have all forgotten of.
Things that we can do every day-
Every weekend and every holiday,
IS not the meaning of tradition.
But it is an illusion;
Our busy lives are now busier,
Clumsier, boring and noisier.
We think we are happy and enjoying,
But at the end its just annoying.
What we miss and don't say,
Family is the word, per se;
The electronic joy has swept our lives,
We rarely get out of our lonely hives.
A timely call and a lot of Facebook post,
We brag, we show off, we do boast.
Every expectation that we break,
Every promise that keeps us awake;
Makes me wonder, makes me feel-
What is missing in this world so real;
What is the best gift that makes everything rhyme,
Is it money, clothes, toys or is it just Time!
Days pass by, months do follow,
Years have clouded our grief and sorrow.
Something is missing in all of our lives,
Is it failure, success or the vibes.
But when I look back, What I see
Love is what they want from me;
But, there is a better gift of all, yes Better-
It is some Family time, spent all together.

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