Sunday, January 28, 2018


HALLOWEEN     r wallpaper

Under the dark blue sky, she lay
Draped in white, eyes open
She seemed at peace, Or was she?
Who knows but the crickets,
Frogs, owls and the bats-
And the creatures lingering in the dark,
Prey, was she?
Who knows but the stars, the moon-
Was it time, or was it too soon?
She was being watched, by who?
Who, but the night.
Her essence was everywhere,
Everyone knew, but no one did.
Her silence said it all, but did it?
Was anybody listening, who?
Who but the wind.
The murmurs of the leaves drowning her heartbeat,
But was there one?
Who knows, but herself and the creatures crawling by.
Who noticed the grave but her,
White tomb-stones and Coffin ajar;
In it she lay, or was she not?
A Thousand years left to rot.
Those who pray, stays away-
Or do they not?
Was it an eerie aura of death,
Or a forgotten dream to survive-
Under the dark blue sky, she lay,
                                       Dead and Alive.

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